What colors do you prefer most when you go shopping? For many of us, the answer is very evident, it’s Black. Because it works well in any season for any event or occasions.

So when you are indecisive about what to wear, what do you mostly pick? For many of us, the answer is a dress. 

What fulfills both these questions is the “little black dress”. 

In fashion terminology; this concept, “which is a simple cut, usually short, black evening or cocktail dress”, has continued to be a key part of wardrobes since the 1920’s. So how about transforming these little dresses into more glamorous looks for the occasions with just a few

Number 1

Be Ready For The Fine Dine!

Planning dinners with our loved ones is generally quite a joy!

Style up your dress with the legendary Begüm Khan pieces.

Number 2

It’s Meeting Time!

Whenever we don’t  know what to wear for an important meeting, the little black dress awaits us in our wardrobe to come to our rescue.

It is a good idea to embellish this timeless combination with gold and crystals.

Number 3

I Celebrate You

Life is a celebration!

We believe that every moment of life is worth celebrating. A floral touch is a great idea for celebrations, parties and weddings.